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Big Cove Creek Alliance
472 Ravensburg Road, McConnellsburg, PA 17233

Over the last two years as we have been faced with the potential damage by CAFOs to our water, air and other natural resources, we have found out that in Pennsylvania we cannot look to our elected officials for help, and existing regulations do not protect the citizens.

We find that there are a number of areas where we must come together to educate and defend ourselves. This form has been prepared to gather as much information as possible so we may work together.

Please help us by sharing your areas of concern, and sharing your areas of expertise. We need information, expertise, and money. Common sense and experience goes a long way. Help where you can.

o Animal Slaughterhouse Processing Waste
o Sewage Sludge from City put on Crop Ground – What’s in That Stuff?
o CAFOs and water, soil and air pollution
o Environmental Justice for Under-Represented Communities
o Eutrophication and its Impact on the Stream/River/Lake Environments
o Why Algal Blooms – Resulting Costs to Communities for Water Treatment
o Air Sheds and Water Sheds: Hotspots that are CAFOs
o Pesticides and Herbicides and Endocrine Disrupters – Oh, My!
o What about the Bees?
o Rachel Carson – What would she think now?
o Follow the Money – The rabbit hole of Influence.
o If no Reports are Required, how can Compliance be Verified?
o Right to Know? Only if Reporting Required.
o Acceptable Risk v. Precautionary Principle
o ?? Susquehanna River NOT impaired ??
o Potomac River Basin impacts Chesapeake.
o No One Can Serve Two Masters – When Industry Representatives move to the Regulating Agency, and vice versa: know who they are.
o Fox Guarding the Henhouse? When the Regulated Industry ‘helps’ craft Legislation.
o Amended Legislation –Does not increase accountability but instead weakens the existing protections?
o Race to the Lowest Common Denominator – If existing Legislation is a minimum standard, do revisions further reduce standards and accountability?
o Remember ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’.
o Upstream in another State polluting your Waters? You must speak out. You have an interest in stopping the pollution and improving the water.
o No Teeth to the Regulations? Regulated on Paper Only? Uneven Permitting?

If you are able to make a tax deductible donation, it will be directed exclusively to our attorneys for legal representation and professional experts. Make your check payable to POTOMAC RIVERKEEPER NETWORK (PRKN). Mail to BCCA, 472 Ravensburg Road, McConnellsburg, PA 17233.

Please sign up and return this form (with or without money)

Let us know how you can help us, and how we can help you. We are trying to find resources to make changes to protect the local citizens as well as all others downstream. You may be one of those important resources. Neither your information nor your involvement will be shared.
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Comments and/or suggested subjects for research:
Potential site of proposed CAFO

Please contact us. What is your area of interest relating to environmental protection concerns – (check as many as apply):